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Unofficial Dr. James R. Muir Bibliography

Given the value that I and many others have derived from the teachings of Dr. James Muir as he presented in his engaging lectures at the University of Winnipeg, and lacking a central location for his various writings, I have taken it upon myself to collect his publications in one accessible repository. My desire in undertaking this is to help propagate and preserve his research as it reflects valuable knowledge that deserves the careful attention of a wider philosophic audience. Even if the information available is but a shred of what he has imparted to his students through his engaging lectures and personal interactions, the quality and depth of the written work remains undiminished.

This is the first and most comprehensive collection of all publicly available writings of Dr. Muir, some available for the fist time in electronic format (indicated with **). Each link below will take you to the full text to read or download in PDF format (recommended reader) without the impediment of payments or embargoes. Certain texts are not available to me in any form (indicated with *), if you can help to remedy this, or know of any works I have overlooked, please contact me.

This effort is completely of my own initiative and without the knowledge or consent of Dr. Muir or any other party. For inquiries about the contents linked here, please contact me at: imcmurtrie@gmail.com. Any inquiries about the topics or arguments in the body of the papers should be directed to Dr. Muir - he continues to teach at the University of Winnipeg. With a recent sojourn to Briercrest College in Sasketchewan.
The complete works of Dr. James Muir in ascending chronological order

Last updated: June 26, 2011 - most files are now redundantly hosted with the primary link pointing to the GoogleDocs version where possible.
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